Matt’s one of the most truly creative guys I know, if creativity is defined as thinking that is original, unexpected and compelling. I’ve seen Matt work in client meetings, especially in whiteboard settings, in which he is able to think very well on his feet, quickly developing potential directions based on client input. I also think his genuine, relaxed, approachable personality inspires confidence—clients know that, with Matt, what you see is what you get. In addition, Matt’s a great user of strategic information and insights. He comes to me on a regular basis (for example, on Evinrude) to ensure that what he’s thinking is aligned with the strategic platform that has been established with the client.

Ronn Kirkwood / Senior Vice President / Director of Brand Planning / Cramer-Krasselt


For the past 18 years at C-K, Matt has been the “go-to” guy when clients want breakthrough creative and want it now. Whether it’s one of his accounts or another office in the network that has hit the wall, they all know they can call on Matt to deliver. Regardless of whether it’s cool art direction, leading a team of other creatives or just coming up with some new, audacious concept, it doesn’t take long for him to come up with the big idea.

-Joe Fisher / Vice President / Management Supervisor / Cramer-Krasselt


Matt is a good art director. Matt is also a good writer, a good leader, a good mentor, and a good producer. But where Matt is great, where he really shines, is thinking and problem-solving. He is a fountain of ideas. Don’t like what he’s bringing to the table? Don’t be afraid to go back to the well, it’s deep.

-Chris Buhrman / Vice President / Group Creative Director / BVK


Matt Herrmann is an art director who can write. He’s a creative talent who understands brand strategy, business problems and client issues. He always brings ideas that will sell along with concepts that push a client’s comfort zone while remaining rooted in the strategy. And the icing on the cake is that he works fast and presents compellingly. In short, I’d take Matt on my team for any brand, any time.

-Jamie Schmelzer / Vice President / Management Supervisor / Cramer-Krasselt